Organizational Governance

Effective governance is essential to a successful medical practice. How do you ensure effective governance and leadership through policies, long-term strategies and the strategic direction of the organization?

Organizational Governance in a medical practice includes the following:

  1. Facilitate the establishment and monitoring of the appropriate corporate legal structure for the organization.
  2. Facilitate organizational governance structure and maintain proper corporate record-keeping of strategic decisions.
  3. Lead the integration of the corporate mission statement into all aspects of the organization’s culture.
  4. Lead development of the organization’s strategic plan and its implementation.
  5. Establish, communicate, implement and monitor production and compensation standards for physician and mid-level professional staff.
  6. Implement and/or support organization leadership management of clinical staff conduct and performance expectations or programs.
  7. Foster the growth and development of physician leaders as knowledgeable, participative stakeholders.
  8. Encourage and lead participation in advocacy endeavors at local, state and national levels.