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Why Should You Become A CMPE?
The Certified Medical Practice Executive (CMPE) credential confirms your expertise and brings greater recognition from physicians, executives, industry professionals and peers.  It serves to demonstrate your knowledge and experience in medical practice management.


To apply for board certification and work toward obtaining the CMPE credential, you must:
  • Be a current MGMA member.
  • Pay a one-time $250 application fee.
  • Submit your completed application form, along with documentation of two years of healthcare management experience, including at least six months in a supervisory role.
Once you have fulfilled the qualifications and MGMA has verified your professional experience, you will be notified of your acceptance.

Steps to certification

These requirements can be completed in the order that works for you.
Board certification validates your knowledge and skills through the completion of three requirements:
  • Multiple choice exam – 175-item, multiple-choice test that assesses your on-the-job knowledge of a broad scope of group practice management principles and practices as described in the Body of Knowledge for Medical Practice Management.
  • Essay exam – assesses in-depth knowledge of medical practice management principles and issues, problem-solving and decision-making skills and the ability to communicate in formal writing style.
  • 50 hours of continuing education (CE) – through a variety of qualifying activities.
The Certification Commission and the MGMA Board vote monthly to confer and award the CMPE designation to individuals who have completed the requirements. After the vote is final, staff will send official notification of your advancement.

Should you have any questions about becoming certified or what the process entails, please feel free to reach out to me.  I’m happy to help you begin and support your journey towards certification!

Best Regards,
Joline Betsch, FACMPE
ACMPE Forum Representative